View Full Version : Play/Pause for TCXD DDRs?

10-28-2015, 05:08 PM
Hi all, new to the forum and apologies if this first post is a request that's already been made elsewhere. Have searched the boards and can't seem to find it as a request specific to TriCaster.
It's a simple one:

I'd simply like each DDR's play button to toggle between play & pause, as with most stand-alone media players.

Our TC410 gets used by children and we often have the requirement to pause DDR playback. The issue herein is having to watch playback to locate the point to pause, but having to then move the mouse pointer to the stop button to facilitate the pause. Additionally the user may then accidentally hit stop twice, returning the clip to the start/in-point.
I love the return-to-start feature and see it's benefit, but the option of toggling between play/pause would negate this happening, seems a basic addition that would otherwise not effect DDR functionality.

Include in future update? Anyone have a patch for this already?

10-29-2015, 08:58 AM
Include in future update? Anyone have a patch for this already?There are issues involving longstanding supported workflows that make toggling Play and Stop problematic. However, leaving the Stop button in place, we can consider toggling Play and Pause. I've opened an engineering case for this.

In the meantime, though, note that you might well be to handle this with a macro assigned to a keystroke shortcut.

For example, for a 2-4 (standard edition) TriCaster, a macro with the shortcut "ddr_play_toggle" (without quotes) will do what you want. Then you merely need to assign it to a shortcut key, and you can play and pause using one button on the keyboard.

For an AE TriCaster, use "ddr1_play_toggle" instead. Note that these shortcuts are specific to the named media player. For DDR 2, you would change the shortcut prefix. AE versions also support directing shortcuts to the Media Player that has 'focus' instead, but _play_toggle seems to be busted when used this way (I've 'bugged' this problem).

11-30-2015, 06:04 PM
Sorry to have missed your reply here SBowie, I'll have to tweak my notification settings.
Either way, thanks very much - setting up a macro for play/pause is certainly going to help in the near future and I can't really ask for more than knowing that toggling Play/Pause may turn up in a future update.