View Full Version : Did you herad about gold train 'found' in Poland? Trolling on high level :]

10-28-2015, 02:47 PM
This guy had idea to learn a little more Cinema3D and V+Ray. He decided to do fake renderings and send to "cheap" newspapers as a real photographs of this "gold" train :) He had proposition to sold them but not agree. He was supprised when realized that this fake photos start showing on more news websites, also in other language. In the end he send message to newspaper editor, with photos, with Mario and T-Rex :D

http://joemonster.org/art/33970/Podczas_gdy_swiatowe_media_opublikowaly_zdjecia_zl otego_pociagu_ktos_u_nas_mial_niezly_ubaw._I_okaza l_sie_bezkonkurencyjnym_trollem