View Full Version : Excellent news about the editor

10-26-2015, 04:14 PM
These news are so good I wanted to create a new thread.
Today I remembered a long time ago I use ulead video studio, which came for free with my pc.
A personal editor for home video. I remembered I edited a few video clips long time ago.
I checked my pc, and voila, ulead video studio 4 was still in the pc.
I imported the 2 avi files from lightwave, and was able to join them into one mpeg video
file. Not only i was able to join the two files, but it looks perfect and without corruption.
I was able to do what i wanted !!! to join the 2 avi's into one video file !!!
i am very happy now...it looks like i am going to use ulead video studio more from now on.
Thank you all for you help :)