View Full Version : Cloning, in general: conveniences / e.g. "Clone To Layers"

10-14-2015, 06:34 PM
I know I should fire up Python and do this myself:

It would be nice if, as a starting place, clone utilities all included offset values that reflected the bounding box size of the selected elements.

Plenty of times in my work, that bound box offset would be the perfect starting place. Having to check on dimensions is silly, IMO: I have a whole g.d. computer in front of me, let IT check the dimensions. Implicit in this suggestion is the idea that it's easier to zero out a field than it is to input arbitrary values.

This applies to both LWM and LW cloning utilities.
EDIT a variation on this would be an offset by PERCENTAGE. Some cloning facilities have this, some do not. I think they all could use it.