View Full Version : Rant: "Recent Scenes" / misfeature

10-12-2015, 12:26 PM
When EXACTLY does Layout update its RECENT SCENES list? Because, once again, I find that the last scene I was working on has not been saved to the list, and it's not even an increment this time. :devil:

While I don't understand why one would NOT want the latest _increment_ to be saved to a RECENT FILES list, this seems to be the design choice that's been made. Is the list updated when files are SAVED? Or LOADED? Or some combination? Obviously a scene needs to be Saved ONCE to be added, but saving on LOAD would allow smooth recovery in crash situations.

I really think this is a terribly implemented misfeature.

10-13-2015, 06:34 AM
As far as I have noticed it always update the recent files list when files are saved, but the manual say:

Choose File > Recent Files to reload an object that you had recently opened.

10-13-2015, 10:04 AM
This behavior has always been a bit annoying to me to, especially with a scene I'm trouble-shooting.

The list apparently gets written to the configs when you quit LightWave so if you crash, the list will revert to the previous list when you reopen the scene. So when I'm trouble-shooting, I need to open the scene, quit LightWave to force it to save the current Recent Scenes list, and then relaunch LightWave so I can quickly reload the scene through Recent Scenes. I do this to save a little time in case I have a scene that keeps crashing while I'm trouble-shooting it, but I think it's silly that I have to force LightWave to update the list by opening and quitting, and it's especially annoying if the scene takes a while to open.

I think if there was a Save Config button that forces all configs to be saved without having to quit Layout might solve things. Maybe this action should also be part of the Autosave feature.

Or even simpler: Maybe LightWave should just save the configs whenever they've changed.

I never thought to report this annoyance before but now that you brought it up, I think I will.