View Full Version : FReq: enhancements to the Key and Menu editor / simple add

10-10-2015, 04:49 PM
The new (2015.n) SEARCH functions in the KEY and MENU editors have eased my life greatly, thank you devs.

Another way to reduce mouse travel easily while using those editors just occurred to me (since I use them a lot):

As you type in a string in the Search box, you start to see all the commands/tools that satisfy that search. My usual workflow here is to:

start typing until I see what I'm looking for,
then click that item,
mouse over to the FIND button,
click that, and
see where in the Menus (in this case) the item is.

I suggest that it would be even FASTER to have DOUBLE-CLICK on an item automatically do the FIND process and skip the whole "mouse over to the FIND button, click that.." steps.

The user has ALREADY targeted the desired item, and no spot on the screen is faster to click on then the one already under the mouse cursor.

This would be much faster, and since "double click on the item" is currently undefined as a user action, would not upset any existing workflows.