View Full Version : Factory Reset Startup Screen

10-07-2015, 01:02 PM
So I had a problem a few weekends ago with my 3Play and it was concerning the connection to our TriCaster 410 via Net input. I had tried everything and even chatted briefly with some NewTek customer support reps about the issue with no resolve. I probably made a rookie mistake and jumped to conclusions and decided that maybe a wipe of the 3Play machine would be the trick. I clicked on Restore Factory Defaults on the Admin page of the 3Play...the system then reboots and asks if you would like to continue. At this point I realized that maybe I had gotten a little jumpy and did not want to do a full reset. It says to power off the machine if you wish to abort the reset process....I restarted and it then prompted me with a choice of Start 3Play or Restore Defaults...again I chose Start 3Play because I didn't want to go through with the whole reset. Machine works fine and I finally talked with someone about fixing the issue and got it addressed...Now I am faced with a different issue...Every time I start the 3Play it pops up with that Windows command prompt type screen that says restore to factory default and I have to restart my 3Play twice to get it working properly. Is there any way to eliminate that screen to avoid the hard power down and restart? Basically I want to cancel the restore process all together and go back to normal functionality. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

10-08-2015, 01:21 PM
You can change that once you get into Windows. If I remember correctly, if you go to the control panel, hit system, then advanced system settings, there should be a startup selection there. If you change that back it should boot normally.