View Full Version : Channel modifier order

10-03-2015, 05:54 PM
Hi all. I am working on an animated character and I am using motion mixer to organize everything. My rig uses a couple expressions to turn IK on and off. I noticed that when the motions were added via Motion Mixer the expressions didn't seem to work. even though they work when I edited the motion, so i tried adding the expressions as channel modifiers instead and Voila! it worked like a charm!

However, if I reload the file it no longer works. I noticed that the order of the channel modifiers is crucial. if the expression modifier is AFTER the MM_ChannelDriver modifier in the list it works, but not if it is BEFORE... When I reload the file it changes the order of the modifiers, and it wants to put the the expression first in the list. is their something I am missing here? How do I get this to work reliably?

Should I be doing this differently?

I am using Lightwave 2015.3 on the mac.