View Full Version : Camera OverScan bug???

09-23-2015, 07:24 AM
Does anyone know why using the overscan at 50 percent does not render what VPR is showing me? One scene/pass works fine, however, using the same numbers/camera on another scene does not. Am I missing something? Seems straightforward.

The scene that is not working is set to 1280x720 with overscan set to 50 percent. But the render is popping the entire 1280x720 animation to 2560x1440, and not giving me the outside region that I'm looking for.... aka the overscan.


Using LW 2015.3 on a PC....

Update: Turning render mode from Realistic to QuickRender fixes it, but obviously not acceptable. Anyone???
Update2: Found the "bug" My occlusion pass was working so I started there. BUT on my Beauty pass, I have a Spotlight projecting an Image Sequence on the scene. That was the culprit. Delete that and it rendered fine with overscan. Bug??? Me thinks so

Update 3: Ha... more... It's not the image sequence, but the shadow map on the Spotlight. Fun