View Full Version : Graph Editor: "Filter Static Envelopes" - not really? / suggested revision

09-17-2015, 03:35 PM
I just noticed that the Graph Editor /Display option "Filter Static Envelopes" doesn't really do what the label says. It seems instead to filter channels that only have one keyframe, whether or not they are static or not.

Since the Make Keyframe dialog rather makes it more likely that you will generate extraneous keys, for example on the Scale Channels, I suggest that the spirit of the option would be better served if it ACTUALLY filtered out static envelopes, defined as "channels wherein the value never changes", no matter how many (identically valued) keyframes are created on that channel.

---Or perhaps it's just buggy.

(Also, I think the option name should be changed to "Filter Static Channels" rather than "Envelopes", which while maybe technically accurate, seems a bit odd to me-- it's the CHANNEL BIN, not the ENVELOPE BIN.)