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09-15-2015, 05:53 AM
I visited IBC last weekend and was surprised that you did not showcased Lightwave 3D on your booth. I've been working with Lighwave since version 4 and our studio has been using it until version 6. We are picking up 3D again (in combinations with After Effects), so I was looking forward talking to somebody of Newtek about the current status of Lightwave 3D. So nobody was there and we are leaning towards Cinema 4D now (although I always felt that Lightwave worked better for me and I've never been a great fan of Cinema 4D).
My alternative for Lightwave has always been XSI, but that's been buried alive by Autodesk.

I'll try to do some catching up about Lightwave, Cinema 4D, etc on forums and will see what our next 3D package will be. A Lightwave 3D upgrade would be the cheapest option, but the integration of After Effects with Cinema 4D looks tempting.

So, again, I really missed you at IBC and really hope that Newtek keeps taking Lightwave 3D serious.


Sjoerd Banga

09-16-2015, 09:12 AM
Lightwave spun off of Newtek as it's own business unit. This was a good move IMO as it allows a central focus on Lightwave. There has been a major emphasis in the recent versions of Lightwave with interchange and they have added many features to support interchange among many different apps with After Effects being one of them.