View Full Version : LWM11.6.3: background images not appearing, selectively

09-10-2015, 02:51 PM
I made 4 images to assist in modeling, loaded them, applied them to a placeholder mesh, no problem. All 4 loaded, used in Surface.

Then I went to put them in the background of the vuports, and one image loaded into the upper left (Top) vuport fine, but the others do not.

On further investigation, any of the 4 images loaded can be used in the u.l. and u.r. vuports as a backdrop, but the other two vuports are resisting display.

New one on me. :(
in the Display Options panel:

1) deep in the options for VIEWPORTS is "SHOW BACKDROP" -- it's the next to last option. WHY it was unchecked for 2 vports, I dunno.

2) the VIEWPORTS tab and the BACKDROP tab share a very similar interface, you have to chose which vport you're addressing-- It Seems To Me (ISTM) that the proper place for the SHOW BACKDROP toggle would be on the Backdrop tab. (Although, it seems the whole tab is a bit redundant and could be folded into the Viewport tab with a little work.)

3) There's even another "SHOW BACKDROP" toggle on the LAYOUTS tab, although it didn't seem to do anything...--scratch that, it turned off ONE OF FOUR backgrounds.. it might have to do with INDEPENDANT VISIBILITY, but frankly I can't be bothered now.

Anyway, beware these options if you experience similar difficulties. The Display Options LWM panel is a bit of a dog's breakfast.