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09-08-2015, 12:14 PM
Some of you may remember a post i made were i offered to provide 3d cars
which id tested in Bullit physics to see which cars would crash lightwave and which ones did not.
I had in mind to put all the cars, that past the test, into a zip file and post this file in my Dropbox account and then provide a link.
I never found the time to do this.
However i have now decided to provide instead a list of cars that i got free from this site---- http://www.dmi-3d.net/index.htm
Clicking on the Lightwave logo, on the top left takes you to lightwave site.
Clicking on the right of the banner opens up the pages for lwo cars.

So if your interested in aquiring Bullit proof [proven] cars then search the site pages from the list of cars below.

Maserati 3200GT [toggle subpatch off in Layout]
Mini Cooper S
Opel Corsa
SAAB 9-3 Convertible
Sarb 93 cabrio

Some usefull information.
I found that after a car has collasped there is usually a few+ parts that jiggle about either on the ground or inside the structure of the car.
If a car is simply allowed to callapse then you will always have small parts trapped under other larger parts resulting in jiggling.
Obviously we do not want a car to callapse on the spot but to break up after being crashed into or after the car has crashed into an object.
To help parts escape the interier of the car i found it best to set up a null object [sphere] positioned close to the car at about ground level
and animated to move upwards and clip the roof of the car with some force so the roof is thrown clear thus allowing smaller parts to escape.
You could also delete interia parts ,that jiggle, via modeler.
Were larger parts are jiggling eg. seats/floor pan/dash console etc.
Im fortunate to have LW Brush plugin and can simply slice objects into smaller parts with the knife tool.
There,s not much else i can suggest really to try and eliminate jiggling but what ive said should help.
I was going to go on to discribe how to set up a really great simple crash scene/seqence but i think i will write that up and post it some other time.
Enough said for now.
Have fun with the cars provided above.
Regards. KEN.

09-08-2015, 08:51 PM
Thanks for this!!