View Full Version : Spline Control: clever uses for animating the nodes?

09-07-2015, 11:34 AM
When I watch demos of Spline Control, most show the obvious uses of SC like path definition. But what looks coolest to me is when the author moves the NODES around, especially when using Bones, because it seems you could do some interesting things with bone chains deformed by SC, in turn displacing a mesh.

"SEEMS". I have no idea what might be useful, although something with hoses, or some telescoping action, seems likely. Anybody got anything?

Oooo, I got one: if you animate the nodes with MATH MOTION, and displace an "ocean" with the same equation, the "boat" following the SC path will adhere to the top of the "ocean"..... Oh, wait, RAYCAST is probably better for that anyway....