View Full Version : Infinite scale issues?

09-07-2015, 11:21 AM
I am animating an infinitely expanding Golden Mean Cube...

I built 1 cube, divided up into radial parts, and animated them rotating out from one wedge, and then sliding up wards.
Then I duplicated that whole hierarchy, parented it to the last cube, rotated 90 and scaled down by that golden .618. Then shifted all the keyframes over to wait till the previous cube is done.

It is working pretty good, but I'm having issues with a few things:
• I had had some morph poses in my animation, but on the way scaled down children, things are getting jinky - as if the morph points don't realize they are scaled? (inbreeding is real people)
• I would like to de-uniform my textures. Right now I have some turbulence textures on there, which do get scaled down with each child. I like those. But in addition to them, I would like to add some more turbulence across the whole finished product that makes each cube a little different from it's (in modeler) identical parent. If I added some turbulence with world coordinates it would probably do what I want once my tower is built, but I don't want my objects sliding through those world coordinates to get there. I want to say, take the world coords from frame 2000, and lock them on to all my polys for wherever else they might move...?

Any tips would, as ever, be appreciated...