View Full Version : DPKit Spline Deformer : pantograph?

08-31-2015, 11:15 AM
In this video:

the ever-innovative Bryphii77 uses DPKit Spline Deformer's Delta output to displace two rows of points.... :stumped: I guess I kinda understand what's going on (not that I woulda ever thought of it), but does this imply that you can get a sort of pantograph displacement via this techniques? Or, as Bryphii says, is it too contingent on staying strictly on one axis?

2) Also, WHY does this work? I'm just not getting why in the finished version or the alternate effect shown before de-parenting the nulls why moving the OBJECT causes the displacement of the points. (I suspect this is akin to the "morph-thru-the-bone-chain" effect, which also always confuses/ed me.) I suspect I have a fundamental misunderstanding of displacement.

3) At 18:26 I >>really<< get lost: why is the index offsetting the displacement so much?