View Full Version : Select points (or anything) on a Vector?? / script? plugin? FReq?

08-31-2015, 10:40 AM
I didn't know quite if this is a query or a FReq: Is it possible to select Points (in the current case, but LWM entities in general) along a VECTOR?

For starters, this would be like "From HERE along the +/- X axis /Y/Z", and eventually along any user-designated vector.

My main need for this is when one is constructing a Curve or Spline from many many points that are generally in one direction. It may be age, it may be my mouse, or it may be something else, but Selecting many closely placed points has become an irritating PITA.

(IF it were possible to {user-definably} size the cursor Selection area to something I could use effectively, well, that would be welcome too. Then I could do this with just a swipe of the mouse. But Selection modes have a way of becoming handy in odd circumstances.