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12-06-2003, 07:27 AM
Hi guys, I've got a model of a cartoon house (actually a small village now), pretty much all subpatch, I've tried to keep poly count low.

Is there a way of applying different render subpatch settings on a surface by surface basis or should I break it up into layers?

Another question is, I have a fairly large number of spheres in my scene, I have made them tessalated on a setting of 2 giving me 80 polys per sphere, then I sub-patch them as well. My question is, is there a more efficient way? Should I be using globe sheres due to their 4 point polys? Does anyone here ever use globe spheres and then delete the triangles at then ends and then connect the dots to finish the ends in 4 point polys? If so, what are your side settings when making the globes? Or does anyone start with a box to make spheres? Settings? Mine never look properly round...

Finally, I've got a stream, it's quite long and snakes though a park. It's connected to a lake, the lake will be smooth (ish), I wanted the stream to look like it's sort of white water (for want of a better description...) I also want the texture to look like it follows the curve or flow of the water. I was thinking of making a vertically tilable sequence in after effects. So any suggestions on mapping technique? Or if anyone knows of any tutorials please post.
(i've attached a screenie of the top and perspective view, grid size is 20m, characters are 1.3m in height so the stream will be fairly large in some shots_ as there is a bridge which they travel across)

Hope none of this is too vague....hehe

Any tips / suggestions highly welcome.


12-06-2003, 04:50 PM
You cant change the subpatch level on a surface by surface basis. You would have have to do that in layout on an object by object basis.

You can make a sphere with all quads by making a cube, turn on SubDs and hit shift D (subdivide).

You could make the texture follow the stream by using UV maps or making the stream straight, applying the texture and then morphing into its final position.

I have a simple tutorial or two on my site explaining UV maps. The link is in my Sig. :)

12-06-2003, 05:54 PM
Cool, thanks for the tips Splinegod, just d/l ed some tuts from your site, very clear explanations I might add, although initially I think I'll try the morph trick with the texture as I want to tile it.

The sphere from quads worked too!
...i'm sure it looked squarish last time i tried.....but not anymore...

thanks again


12-06-2003, 06:01 PM
Thanks Luke,
Glad they helped. :)
Another way to make a sphere made of quads is to make a subdivided box and sphereize it :)