View Full Version : How can i model a LightWaver?

08-19-2015, 04:29 PM
Hi LightWavers

I titled this thread with having sense of humor in my mind. I actually started a thread which was really vital for me at that moment and got lots of good feedback.


I read the answers every often and the good news is that ideas are flowing to my mind without stop.

there is only one question now: by knowing that in NLP (which I do not know so much about) we can model someone who is successful and get the same result, how can I model a successful 3d artist for handling a project especially big one. I easily loose track of my scenes and feel really bad when watching my results.

How do you guys plan for your work. if you have a big thing to do then how do you organize your files, remember all of the important things to do, when to get test renders, how to do timing and etc etc.

By big project I do not necessarily mean sth like Avatar or Iron Sky. it could be some simple motion graphics which involves lots of simple object. for example it has happened to me that after rendering the whole work I have found out that some objects are not rendered just bec I disabled them while working other part of works and forgot to enable them again.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I have bookmarked my previous thread and will do for this thread to read it many times. plz feel free to write as much as you can because I would love to read details and model you.

p.s.s. this forum is the only forum that I have participated. I real most of the threads and posts and fall behind very easily.