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08-18-2015, 01:01 PM
To: Rob Powers and LW developers:

"This is just a copy of a few post with my ideas of why can be a good thing to have : Lightwave to Blender and vice-versa official support"

If LW 3D Group is targeting indies, freelancers and small studios, they need to get official support in blender, is a win-win.............
every blender new version is downloaded millions of times, every 6 months or less, blender foundation servers EXPLODE in every new version, I have to wait one or two days to download the official new blender every time.............
imagine if one of the new features is official support from lightwave. And scene connection and sync between apps.......WoW....

I just hope that LW 3D Group and Rob, get this opportunity, there are a lot of blender users that wish to use lightwave together with blender (I am one of them)
(I am talking about layout, just connect blender to layout, like modeler,)

if you check blenderartists forums, you can see topics like this one: "how I can get blender to lightwave" ??
so is not only my wish, you have a lot of people in our community........


if you go to search on google you get 786,000 results,.......................

Blender users and developers ARE TRYING TO GET LIGHTWAVE connected in blender on their OWN,
we have a Standard ADD-ON (plugin) already inside blender official:

"Allows you to import a LightWave object, both the newer LWO2 and original LWOB/LWLO formats. For layered objects, each layer is created as its own object.
Will import and apply UV, Morph, Color and Weight map data. Can also construct an Armature from an embedded Skelegon rig.
Maintains correct vertex order/count so that .mdd files can be exchanged between 3D programs. "

(PIXAR RENDERMAN did the same, they start working in an existing plugin (add-on) that blender has... and continue working on top of it, now we have renderman for blender, first day, renderman servers explode, blender users start downloading renderman to test....I could not download renderman for 3 days..................)

I hope that LW group and Rob is reading this thread............if you give lightwave demo for 60 days to the blender community to try..........like me, you will see what's going to happens.......

ahh, and you need to do nothing, just talk to blender developers and they will be happy to help to get lightwave working with blender: FOR FREE well, a little support to them and the blender foundation can be nice too....

another post in our forums, as you see, blender users wants blender-lightwave, they are begging for it......... ::

Export to Lightwave Please!

The one thing that bothers me about using blender is that from one version to the next scripts are either missing from previous builds.
There is only one option now for Lightwave and that is to import, the export to Lightwave does not exists since blender 2.4 or at least that is what I found searching the site.

There are so many LW users on here that it makes sense to keep these simple tools updated and carried over to the next Blender update. I am not a coder by any stretch, but the development team keep scripts that would be used on regular basis up to date.

I do understand that Blender is open source and it's people time and effort that go into making Blender what it is today. The only reason I am using Blender is for fluid dynamics something that LW does have and to try and use the particle system is not efficient of very accurate in Lightwave.

I do believe in supporting Open source projects, however doing a simple export to Lightwave should be a blender must have.

I discovered Blender has an import script which works brilliantly!!!!!!!!!!! everything intact when importing the Lightwave object. Can we do the same in reverse please export to Lightwave with the same capabilities as the import script now that is work Support payment alone

Even better export a Blender scene to Lightwave and import a Lightwave wave scene this would be worth supporting

I wish that you guys start thinking about blender community as a market,
not as a cheap poor nerds using a free software, because they have no money to spend......

I own lightwave
and a lot of "blender users" are professionals and freelancers using 3d software, no only blender, but maya, modo, 3dmax, lightwave, vray, renderman, etc.

Lightwave connected via plugin or Add-ons, (as we call it) can be a good thing for newtek.
you will have a future market of freelancers 3d artists, creating short films and 3d images, promoting lightwave WITH blender, free marketing campaign, and more benefits....newtek need this..............if PIXAR Renderman is officially in blender, I think lightwave needs to start thinking about it............

we have already: Vray for blender (official support from chaosgroup), pixar Renderman, ......official...........
Octane render official from otoy.................unreal (donation$$$ to improve pipeline with blender), Valve (donation$$ too) NVIDIA, HP, and more support that I have no idea, so a lot of companies knows that blender users are growing fast and a lot of professionals are "checking" this little free software.......even pixar...naughty dogs too..

but official support from newtek, not using .FBX or collada, because, you can do this in any software, official support can be very appealing for this new market...

blender have a very promising future, the question is: Newtek is ready to take this opportunity?
because blender development is so fast..... that in 2 or 3 years, we will not need lightwave anymore.........

Is more simple: LWgroup and Rob, just need to ask Ton Roosendaal about support, just ONE TWEET can be a game changing for lightwave and blender
and start using the script (addon or plugin) as a base to program the official blender-lightwave plugin or addon.....................

As you can see, without LWgroup support, we are using blender and lightwave, creating short films, transferring fluids, we are doing a lot without support.....And we love lightwave....
you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see whats going on:

just a quick google search:

We are doing short films using blender - lightwave:

Crumbs (animated short film made in Blender & Lightwave)
hort animated film made in 10 days using Blender and Lightwave. Animated in Blender and rendered in Lightwave 2015 using the new edge intersection feature.


Blender Fluids for Lightwave

Blender Molecular Particles - Rendered in Lightwave

just ONE TWEET can be a game changing for lightwave and blender................

08-18-2015, 04:53 PM
Is this also entered into the LW-Feature Requests Forum and submitted through the Bug System?

08-18-2015, 06:19 PM
LW-Feature Requests done......Bug System not, because is not a bug ;) and because I am new around, no idea about bug system is....

I just hope that they listen...............

just ONE TWEET from Rob Powers to Ton Roosendaal with the interest of support can be a game changing for lightwave and blender................

08-18-2015, 07:00 PM
That's just what the interface is known by. THERE IS A FEATURE REQUEST choice in the New Bug Reporting System. Actually, always has been, even in FogBugz, If you want a "game changer" (really can't stand that term) you have to get the people's attention who have the capability of doing it. The best way is to use the contact paths provided for same. Posting in non-Feature Request the Forums is not likely to be seen by anyone in charge. The Bug Reporting System is the direct path.