View Full Version : Sony SGR-300SE PTZ

08-16-2015, 08:45 PM
I am attempting to get TC 8000 to control a Sony SGR-300SE camera via IP.

It seems to connect the camera in the IP box, but it just doesn't control it. Dragging to a new area and then hitting Update Snapshot just snaps the preset back to the home position.

Anyone have any luck with this, or am I doing something wrong?


08-18-2015, 12:30 PM
I was able to get this to work. But when you start the session, you have to go into the camera's gear icon, then click FLIP. It doesn't actually flip the image (oddly), but you have to do that in order for TC to actually "connect' with the camera.

Bug perhaps?

08-18-2015, 02:34 PM
Bug perhaps?Maybe - be great if you could write up a bug case!