View Full Version : Its two in the morning and I can't sleep....

08-13-2015, 12:26 AM
I looked hard to find the classifieds on these forums. Scary place. Like a black hole where you'd throw your reel never to be seen again.
Allow me to plug my site in here instead please.
Doing this craft and almost everything closely related to it for 18 years.
I will offer my discount services for a chance to pay something towards my late mortgage and utility bills this month.
Thank you guys.

Ryan Roye
08-17-2015, 07:14 PM
You'd be better off getting familiar with studios in the US or UK and simply contacting them with a brief message containing relevant references and your reel, preferably under 1 minute of content is recommended. Don't use typical search terms to look for work, instead look for studios directly and contact them even if they don't list "careers" or "help needed" anywhere... i've been hired by people who had no such info on their sites.

Studios that either use Lightwave, or have production pipelines that are not application-dependent don't typically go out looking for people, and even when they do they probably will have trouble finding people, especially animators and generalists with reputations for delivering on-budget and on-time. Offer people an "introductory rate", so that the studio or client knows that you do not typically work at that rate, and this also gives them a chance to evaluate the level of service you provide versus the cost.

Your content looks pretty solid, but you need to condense it into something a person can watch in under a minute. People who are in the position to hire have zero patience.