View Full Version : LWM-- embed Background image path/names in LWO, optional on Load

08-11-2015, 06:08 PM
Rather than forcing modelers to manually locate and load either Background images or the Config files SAVE PRESETS feature generates, it would be convenient if the Background 'config' file were embedded in the LWO itself, and the user given the opportunity to enable/ignore one or more Backgrounds when s/he load an object.

Provision must be made for multiple background 'config'-ish files. Access could be thru the _existing_ PRESETS menu, which would display the embedded Backgrounds, in addition to its current contents.

Background config files are very compact (<1K) so they would have minimal impact on file size. The program would not be loading the images, it would be loading just the PATHS/NAMES of the images, plus the usual contents of a Background config file. IOW, it would not balloon the file.

(Case LWF-387)