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08-09-2015, 02:54 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see where the name of the Autosave directory is EXPLICITLY mentioned in the 2015 dox.

OK, it is here (p1117) , but that's hardly fair to the user: :devil:

The full list of custom path is as follows:

ContentDir “X:/project/”
ScenesDir “X:/project/Scenes”
ObjectsDir “X:/project/Objects”
SurfacesDir “X:/project/Surfaces”
ShadersDir “X:/project/Shaders”
ImagesDir “X:/project/Images”
PreviewsDir “X:/project/Previews”
MotionsDir “X:/project/Motions”
EnvelopesDir “X:/project/Envelopes”
AnimationsDir “X:/project/Animations”
NodesDir “X:/project/Nodes”
SoundsDir “X:/project/Sounds”
DynamicsDir “X:/project/Dynamics”
RigsDir “X:/project/Rigs”
LightsDir “X:/project/Lights”
RadiosityDir “X:/project/Radiosity”
ColorTablesDir “X:/project/ColorTables”
ImageCacheDir “X:/project/ImageCache”
VertCacheDir “X:/project/VertCache”
BackupDir “X:/project/Backup”