View Full Version : Noob-level: textures and the base layer value-- combination? Logical OR?

07-31-2015, 02:06 PM
::sigh:: Long-standing confusion for me: this has never really stopped me from working but I'd like to know the definitive answer.

WHen using a Texture to modulate a Surface channel, eg Reflection, how are the Texture value and the base value displayed in the Surface Panel combined?

Here's a sample object: 129094

If one adjusts the Reflection %age between 0<>100%, one can get reflection everywhere, as if the Texture were being ignored. So my question, which I've avoided all these years, is how is that value combined with the Texture value? It almost seems like it's done in a "logical OR" fashion.


07-31-2015, 03:02 PM
Depends on the slot and blending mode.

For instance in bump the base value is a multipier. In the case of reflection, diffuse, lum, etc... Then black in the texture map is the base value WHEN the texture blending mode is normal... In apha mode, then its multiplicative (like bump), in additive, then it adds 0 for back, 100 for white on top of the base value.

You need to think of the base value AS IF it were a single/flat/uniform texture already applied to the surface, and the texture channel textures are applied over the top of that, vis a vis their blending modes.