View Full Version : AE Interchange Problem- Layout Won't Open

07-21-2015, 08:55 AM
First thanks for all the advice, it got me to this point. First I went to LW support folder>3rdParty support>AE>AEtoLW.aex. I put this file in my AE plug-ins effect folder. This then resulted in my AE Files>Export>SendSelectedLayertoLW3D to appear in menu. I then went to Preferences>General and activated Allows Scripts TO Write Files and Access Network. I then used Camera track in AE on some footage and made sure Nulls and everything were 3D except the footage. The first time I tried to export layer to LW a window came up that said Define Path to Layout.app. I went to LW App folder and selected the Layout Icon and the window closed. Now the problem. The layout icon in my dock activates but won't open. It just bounces around in the dock like a person in a mosh pit. Why won't it open, I'm so close and yet so far away.