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Bob Groothuis
07-17-2015, 07:23 AM

Just released some new stuff:

new Linear aRGB & Linear sRGB ICC Profiles + aRGB HDR to sRGB HDR Workflow

Linear aRGB.icc & Linear sRGB.icc profiles

1) Linear aRGB.icc - Linear version of the ICC v2.1 Adobe RGB (1998) profile. Primaries, white point and illuminant is exactly the same as Adobe specs. Tone Reproduction curve is linear. This profile is compatible with V2 and V4 Color Management Modules.

2) Linear sRGB.icc - Linear version of the ICC v2.1 sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile. Primaries, white point and illuminant is exactly the same as Hewlett Packard specs as profile shipped with Adobe products. Tone Reproduction curve is linear. This profile is compatible with V2 and V4 CMMs.

- Many thanks to Gerardo Estrada who generated the Linear aRGB.ICC and Linear sRGB.icc!
- Released into the public domain. No Warranty, Use at your own risk.

Legal notes:

All other trademarks and trade names mentioned here are the property of their respective holders.

aRGB HDR to sRGB HDR Workflow

A while ago wrote a article for HDRLabs http://www.hdrlabs.com/news/index.php?id=2690683916811714984, in that article showed a workflow how to convert a hdr based on aRGB primaries into a hdr based on sRGB primaries that is used for generating the sIBL HDR set and for regular usage in sRGB range.

Now with the new updates ICC profiles (see below) made a a updated workflow.

ps many thanks to Gerardo Estrada for his help with setting up the workflow!

To download the profiles and the new Workflow pdf please see: http://www.dutch360hdr.com/shop/?page_id=573

DS360 Volume 2 Reloaded ready

Free upgrade for all license holders (just contact me through the contact page on my website - please mention the ordernumber and date of order - will send you the 100% discount code as soon possible, please be patient)

If you won a render contest (and you won the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 2) in the past you can also send me a message. Just tell me what contest and when.

More info please see: http://www.dutch360hdr.com/shop/?product=volume-2

Reminder previous upgrades

In the case you bought or won a render contest the a) Dutch Skies 360° Autumn Pack , b) Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1, c) Dutch Skies 360° Volume 2 - in the past (and you not have the ready made 11k hdr’s ) please contact me through the contact page and mail me your original ordering number plus ordering date. Will send you a 100% discount code so you can order and download the upgrades for free.

Next upgrades

In the works now the DS360 Volume 3 Reloaded & DS360 Volume 4 Reloaded (yes waaaaaaay later then planned) - should be ready about october/november (also free upgrade for current license holders).

Free DS360 XL HDRI sky (19k) back online

this Free Dutch Skies 360° XL is published before under the name: DS360XL_Free_2014. So its the identical sky only a different naming convention.


Dutch Skies 360 XL 008a & b available (Extra Large - 19k)

See: http://www.dutch360hdr.com/shop/?product=xl-008

If you want to be informed about new upgrades etc just join my newsletter or the social media pages.


Bob Groothuis

website: http://www.dutch360hdr.com

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07-27-2015, 01:57 AM
Some of the awesome panos in this DS360 Volume 2 Reloaded:


Thanks for the free update, Bob!


07-28-2015, 07:40 AM
Great stuff Bob. I'm using your ds360 on 90% of projects with sIBL setups.

Nice to se new stuff and updates.

Bob Groothuis
07-31-2015, 04:24 AM
Hello Gerardo,

You are welcome! Thanks for the nice previews you kindly posted!

Hello Lewis,

Just contact me, remember you won the fourth prize of the render contest (http://www.bobgroothuis.com/blog/2012/02/annual-free-dutch-skies-360-render-contest-results-2011-dutch-skies-360-322w/) in 2011? You can get the free upgrades for the DS360 Autumn pack Reloaded, DS360 Vol 1 Reloaded, & DS360 vol 2 Reloaded for free too :). Vol 3 Reloaded shoot be ready +/- october.



07-31-2015, 05:04 AM
Thanks Bob that is great to know. I will send you mail when i get home to myworkstation :).