View Full Version : Logo font list

07-13-2015, 02:11 AM
When using the Logo maker the default font showing in the display field is "@Batang 400"
After clicking on the display field a list of all the other fonts are shown.
You then pick a different font further down the list and this font choice now appears in the display field.
You check what it looks like and decide to select another font.
But when you reopen the Logo maker the default "@Batang 400" is there.
It would be much better if the last font you selected remained in the display field so you know exactly
what your choice was and were you are up to in the list of other fonts.
It can be annoying to have to scroll down the full list of fonts each time you want to try a different font.
May be better still is to have all your fonts open/viewable in a seperate window with the last font selected highlighted.
This window could be resizable to show a single colunm of fonts or 2-3-4 colunms.
If you also find this font issue annoying then would appreciate a few comments in support of my request.
Thanks. cove.