View Full Version : Flocking with multiple Director Goals

07-01-2015, 02:20 PM
I'm revisiting Flocking and ran into an issue that I'm a bit surprised exists.

I've multiple generators as well as 4 separate goal meshes. When initially constructing the scene, I kept everything separate with just one generator and one goal and that worked perfectly. When I assembled everything into one scene though, it was a free-for-all and my separate flock items just went Willy Nilly to any goal they pleased. Nice coverage, but not what I was after. Figured I just missed a param somewhere to tell the flock “No, you only go to THAT goal.” Uhhh, nope. Can't find any such setting. Really? I'm in 11.6.2; does 2015 deal with this much differently? Be a nice feature.

Vids I found didn't deal with multiple goals; two at most either the Predator/Prey example or switching goals.

Anyway, perhaps there's some way nodally to do that, but not exactly my forté. Seems like there must but a relatively straight forward means. If I was crunched for time which I'm not, I'd probably just keep them separate and comp, but that could quickly go south too with depth maps, etc.

Perhaps something using separate caches or mdd's? I can write out separate ones but haven't figured out how to combine.

I think something with the DPKit and/or DP Motion Designer is the key but scant on docs specific to using the Particle Scan in particular.