View Full Version : Dpont node bloom image filter with conductor material?

06-29-2015, 04:49 PM
hi guys, hoping I donīt have to post images.

Basicly having some issues with dpont node image filter, when setting it up on simple reflective material in standard layer on a sphere, it shines with streakes and bloom quite nicely, however ...entering the node surfacing and adding a conductor material
and it donīt behave at all, nothing shows up, I did get some blooming but nothing of the sort you would want.

not sure if there is something needs checking, with the proper render with the standard material I only had spec color and specular shade active in the image filter node, maybe I need to check something else here to get it working with the material shading?

Though I would like to prefer to know what, I tried clicking some other options in the image filter node, but that also gave me crashes.