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06-26-2015, 01:00 PM
A new TC Mini customer of ours brought up this idea to me, and I think it's a good one! He was configuring the Record settings and asked me where to see the "Summary", to which I replied "Umm....there isn't one?".

A pop-up window that would show the current record configuration DETAILS would be great, since currently one can only see the SOURCE and SAVE TO options in Recording Configuration. Then, you have to separately click the gear for each, one at a time, to verify RECORD FORMAT for each ISO. If recording OUTPUT 1 or 2, one does not know what video source those are set to, or what audio is assigned, without opening an entirely different panel (Output Config). Lastly, if recording CAMERA input, what audio is attached - HDMI/SDI, or LINE or Mic, or...requires going to Audio Mixer and clicking more gears for each source. So really, the user needs to look in 3 different panels AND various dropdowns to get an overview of what is actually being recorded.

Again, not asking for all configuration to be in one place, as I get why stuff is where it is. However, if a pop-up window could show the SUMMARY with details of exactly what each ISO recording consists of that would be a good addition. Just a way to visualize and verify all record parameters in one place.

Thank you

Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor