View Full Version : Is it possible to convert dae or fbx to c3d?

06-23-2015, 08:33 PM
I've tried Matlab but can't get my head round it. Our workflow is this: Optitrack generates c3d, import into Face Robot which exports mdd to LightWave. Usually good results but a few files got corrupted because a marker was not placed quite correctly during recording. The actor gave a great performance and we don't want to lose it. The corruption is easily corrected in Layout (via Blender c3d import, then fbx or collada export to Layout), but then how to convert the data back into c3d? Face Robot will only accept c3d files.

In Matlab I've figured out how to import xml files (collada) and c3dserver allows opening, manipulating, & saving of c3d. But the conversion is a mystery, possibly not even possible. I have no experience with it. I posted on their forum but thought I might ask here in case anyone knows about this stuff.

Thanks, Hal