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06-20-2015, 09:36 PM
I wanted to use raycast to snap my objects to intersection points.

so say i have a pizza, i want to snap it to the counter.

would i use raycast to do that in layout? Is there anything that does this without say having to use bullet or advanced placement.

Some sort of collision detection - so i dont have to manually make sure everything isn't intersecting in modeler.

would raycast be useful for that?

anyone know how to use raycast?

i saw the siggraph explanation of it, but i'm finding it hard to use.


06-20-2015, 11:14 PM
Raycast is exactly what you wanna use. What part isn't working for you.

06-21-2015, 07:08 AM
thereīs also the old sticky and sticky surface, motion modifier.......


otherwise ...raycast is the way to go, just learn it...look in the pdf documents and check youtube vids.

06-21-2015, 07:31 AM
In case the siggraph vid of 2013 is to long and confusing..

just remember..you start with the object (the pizza) and hit m for motion, it is a motion modifier, so with the motion tab open add the nodal motion modifier and enter it, from there you just plug the intersect output to the position input.
and make sure you double click the raycast geometry node and select the object you want to intersect with(the table) thatīs it...at least for the basic y drop to object.

I do admit, the presentation wasnīt the best..since the instructor himself got lost in which items to use, and thus it affects us users in wrong ways trying to follow it.
Itīs a live recording though..so things like that can happen.

06-21-2015, 10:08 AM

figured it out prometheus - your instruction set me on the right path =)