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06-17-2015, 04:33 PM
I'm liking most everything about Advanced Edition.

But, there are a few things I've seen so far that are a little bit of a step backwards.

One thing that came to my attention today are the "flags" that indicate if LiveKey or ProcAmp are on. They used to have a bright green and or yellow bar. Now, it's the tiny gear symbol that highlights that status. I understand that it may prevent confusion with green preview tally, but now it's almost impossible to see.

Can something like the old notifications be brought back?


Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications

06-18-2015, 08:57 AM
Can something like the old notifications be brought back?Well, something truly like the old ones would be invisible when tally was on, but we'd certainly consider something more overt. In point of fact, we were just discussing this. We tried a lot of different things, but the problem is there is a very limited amount of space to work with under the ISO monitors. We've got a few notions, but suggestions, especially with mockups, are welcome.