View Full Version : Trouble syncing audio with video background

06-17-2015, 12:57 PM
I'm using LW 11.6.3 on a windows 64 system
I am lip syncing a character that is in frame with a human.
The video editor is supplying me with a tif image sequence and .aif audio. The audio is converted to .wav in Adobe audition, and the .tif image sequence is coming to LW via Syntheyes.
The video was shot at 29.97 FPS, so LW preferences under the "general" tab is set at 29.97 FPS. The total frames is 1055. I then load the audio into Scene Editor and the soundwave indicator in the frame scrub doesn't reach the end of the sequence. The audio does not sync with the video BG. It appears that the frame per second preference has reverted to 24, so I change it beck to 29.97. The soundwave indicator stretches out to fill the whole frame scrub bar...but when I do a preview the sync is still way off. I've tried starting the audio later, and arbitrarily adjusting frame per second, but no luck.
Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated.
I;ve tried searching the forums already for a similar issue, but to no avail. If it has been addressed, point me in the right direction, please!

06-18-2015, 06:15 AM
Answered my own question. When an image sequence is imported into Syntheyes, you are given the option to tell it what kind of format it is - film, NTSC, PAL, etc., - which determines the frames per second count. Selecting the correct button, in this case NTSC, corrected the frame count for Lightwave so that the audio track synced up perfectly.