View Full Version : Special hotkeys for specific panels: opinions? pro/con

06-14-2015, 08:34 PM
I suspect this will be a very subjective affair:

What's the consensus on having very specific hotkeys for general panels? I can see the utility, BUT almost always find that it's causing me more mouse clicking than I prefer and is generally irritating.

For instance, I was just using the GE. In the main UI, left/right advances/retards frame location. This is not the situation when the GE has the focus: IF a keyframe is selected, left/right selects the Next/Previous keyframe. I can certainly see the utility in that, because if you are using the GE, you are most likely in a keyframe-centric task.

However, if NO keyframes are selected, Left/Right does NOTHING. This I don't like, because it just leaves the user hanging.

--One fix would be to REDEFINE GE operations to be "There is ALWAYS at least ONE key selected in the GE." Since selecting other keys is so easy in the GE, I suggest this be implemented.

But that's kinda beside the point. The "s" key in the Surface panel was an especially irritating mis-step because, in a program with EXTREMELY limited UNDO functionality, SAVING becomes an ***-saving reflex, and to have the SAVE hotkey hijacked by a specific panel is especially wrong-headed.

To me, a principle might be that it's OK to hijack very seldom-used keys (that's the subjective part: defined by whom?), but keys with heavy usage should be sancrosect, and always have the same function no matter the panel with the focus. Even though I'm doing keyframe-centric operations in the GE, I'd still prefer that Left/Right move the frame cursor. In fact, CTRL and ALT Left/Right seem to be unused in the in the GE, and could easily serve the Next/Previous functions.

(BTW, a lot of hotkey customization can be accomplished, and on a window-by-window basis (!!!), thru the amazing AHK, "Auto-Hot-Key", free utility.)