View Full Version : Trouble with Octane Renderer and instances

06-02-2015, 06:34 PM
When using Octane renderer to render an animated scene that has particle emitters with instancers, are any of you seeing this message? If so, how are you getting around it?
'This object has a new instancer (Reload the IPR scene to enable it)'

The result is when the timeline moves to a frame that uses a different instancer, you don't see the particle objects (mapped from the instancer). Also, when tring to do an F10 render, the rendering stops on this issue.

Is there a way to replace the animated particles with objects, without using the instancer (sorry if this is a noob question)?
In case you are wondering, I get my expected results with the native Lightwave renderer, even when using my small render farm (so all of my motions (for MDDs, pacticles, etc.) are referenced in files (i.e. MDD, pfx)).

06-04-2015, 06:11 PM
I also posted this question / concern in the Lightwave forum on the Otoy site. Apparently since all of my emitters (each using instances) were not enabled at the start of the rendering (frame 0), this exposed a problem with Octane not being able to update their state (or something like that). Anyway, they sent me a custom build today and it appears to have resolved my problem (still rendering scene without errors as I type this).

Before getting this build, I also learned how to replace the particles with objects without using instances/instancers. In my tests I accomplished it by using FX Link. However, this method is not as efficient because it creates real geometry copies to map to each particle (and each object gets the assigned particle animation through a particleFX link). There are other disadvantages to this method (when compared with instancing) that I wont go into, but it is a viable workaround that I was considering.

I hope this helps someone out there...