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05-27-2015, 12:27 PM
Thought I would post this here since I know some other Lightwavers also use or are interested in Anime Studio Pro.


Here are some of the new features (copied from their release notes):

Frame-by-Frame –The new frame-by-frame layer and added controls give you more power and flexibility in creating authentic frame-by-frame animation.
Layer Referencing - Now you can duplicate layers while maintaining a connection to the original. This enables collaborators to work simultaneously while easily updating changes into respective stages of the pipeline.
Animated Shape Ordering - Easily change the layer order of shapes within a single vector layer over time eliminating the need for multiple layers.
Animated Bone Targets - Animating objects where a handoff occurs is now easier and smoother than ever, easily switch from one target bone to another when working with animated bone targets.
Animated Bone Parenting - Now you can switch parents for your bones mid-animation and Anime Studio will automatically keyframe the result.
Tools & Brushes Enhancements – The New Color Points Tool and brush improvements provide more flexibility, control and natural looking results.
Improved Photoshop File Support - Now new PSD layers will be applied into Anime Studio when the active file is updated in Photoshop.
Bone Flipping - Bone flipping can be essential in certain rigs in Anime Studio. Now any bone set up can be flipped more than once and a keyframe is created allowing the effect to change at any time.
Smart Bones Enhancements – It’s even easier to use Smart Bones! When converting a bone to a Smart Bone dial, Anime Studio will create two actions that extend to each constraint on your bone, preserving the neutral position.
Color Points - Create a gradient-type fill for the objects, based on point positions.
Group with Selection Layers - Easily group layers after they have been created saving time and eliminating the need for dragging layers into the group.

The digital download is on sale now for $199 (http://my.smithmicro.com/anime-studio-pro.html). If you already own an earlier version of ASP, upgrades from version 10 are for $99 till June 1st.

Sounds like a great update--Alisa and I just upgraded our two licenses. We used ASP version 9.5 (along with Lightwave) for our Brudders short Scareplane (https://vimeo.com/87465384)early last year, and we used version 10 to design and animate a commercial short last winter. (I'll post a video link for that project whenever we get clearance.)

Also, Mike Green (Dodgy) (http://www.mikegreen.name/) has written some useful ASP scripts and plugins, including an importer for Lightwave. You can find those tools on his website.

I'll post what I think about the new release once I get a chance to play with it a bit.


05-27-2015, 01:13 PM
Yeah it looks like a cool update.

05-27-2015, 06:19 PM
It is a huge update with a lot more stuff in it. 9 was so-so, but 10 and now 11 have been very well done.

07-19-2015, 12:18 AM

Last winter, Alisa and I designed and created this end titles animation using Anime Studio Pro 10.


More info about the animation production here: New From Little Green Dog (http://www.lostmarble.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=27833)

Unlike last year's Scareplane (https://vimeo.com/87465384), no LightWave this time. However, our next animated short (currently in production) will be all LightWave, and then we're going back to making another 2D cartoon using Anime Studio Pro 11 and LightWave. More on those films later.



07-19-2015, 03:09 AM
It is a huge update with a lot more stuff in it. 9 was so-so, but 10 and now 11 have been very well done.

Yeah, I was really disappointed by all of v9, it felt like AnimeStudio was turning into consumer-focused crap. Buying the v10 upgrade was really iffy for me, I was ready to walk away, but decided to give it one more chance. By the end of v10 they'd managed to change my opinion, to where buying the v11 upgrade was an easy choice. Thankfully, 10(.0) and subsequent releases in 10.x were strong reassurance of their commitment to making AnimeStudioPro a quality, professional app.

07-20-2015, 03:12 PM
Sorry guys for being so dumb but this is the first time I see this software. Is it only for two dimensional purposes or can be used to make animated textures for Lightwave?

Is there any reason, besides making 2d-anime, in which lightwaver for example will use this?

07-20-2015, 04:29 PM
As mentioned above, Mike Green (see above) has written some very handy tools for interchange between LightWave and Anime Studio. Visit his website for more info.

Anime Studio Pro does support 3D in a limited way. It has a 3D environment and a 3D camera, which is primarily used for multi-plane effects (as seen in the titles animation above,) but like in a normal 3D program, you may move and rotate the camera any way you wish and you can have your layers face the camera.

ASP also supports FBX (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XZ3S6ZGrsw), which has been demonstrated in sending animated assets to Unity. I'm not sure how well that option works with Lightwave but I don't see why it wouldn't. (Hmm...will have to try it out.)

You can import 3D objects to Anime Studio and animate them but you can't deform them. If you need to do that, it's probably better to send the camera to a 3D program and deform your 3D objects there. You may then composite the rendered resuts in Lightwave, Anime Studio, AE, Fusion, or wherever. I've used ASP's 3D to animate opening and closing doors and such within 2D scenes, and that works well.

Here's an example of Anime Studio working with LightWave. Alisa and I made this short last year using ASP 9.5:


Nearly all of the character animation was done within ASP. The 727 was animated in Lightwave but the cockpit scene inside the plane within the LightWave scene was created in ASP.

BTW, we used Fusion to composite Scareplane.

In the case of Scareplane, there are a few shots where we rendered out multiple layer passes from ASP by enabing Layer Comps in the Batch Render panel, and the we set up the 3D layers and camera in Fusion. This was mostly because the specific camera and effects I wanted were more easily set up in that program. A few shots had elements rendered out of ASP and sent to Lightwave for animation. And then the majority of the shots were set up and rendered in 3D directly out of ASP. There were specific reasons for the different setups, and nobody told me I couldn't do that . :)

For HLF, all of the animation and 3D movements were done within ASP. Compositing this time was done in After Effects. AE has a pretty decent 3D environment too but it wasn't needed for this project.


07-21-2015, 11:00 AM
Thanks Greenlaw, I have seen this animation, very lovely and cute.

Actually you answered a lot of my questions concerning connectivity of LW with others.

I have explored some procedure from web and for other software and have tried to translate it to LW. I might be able to host a tutorial but am not sure.

Do you have some link which shows your pipleline for compositing between LW and ASP for example? some demonstrations are sth similar to that?

07-21-2015, 11:30 AM
Very nice animation Greenlaw

07-21-2015, 11:51 AM
Re: tutorials, no, but I'll see what I can do.

I haven't posted any online tutorials for awhile but I'm starting to get back into it. I posted a brief article about our HLF workflow over in the Anime Studio forum this past weekend:

New From Little Green Dog (http://www.lostmarble.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=27833)

Probably not so helpful with regards to LightWave because the article has more to do with general preproduction and the '3D' in HLF was created entirely within ASP anyway, but it might be worth a read if you're interested in making shorts using ASP. (I'm going to update this article and post the revised edition on my own website maybe next weekend.)

I've been meaning to write an article about how we made 'Scareplane' and the topic of 3D will definitely be part of that. I'll let you know when that article has been posted.