View Full Version : In need of a Panther model, have budget, highest quality

05-18-2015, 05:50 PM
We are in need of a Panther model, (the four legged animal version) for a new project. In a perfect world if would be rigged, surfaced and ready to animate. We have a budget and I am happy to pay for quality. I have searched TurboSquid, but most of the models were Max only. I figured I would give my fellow Lightwavers the first crack at it. We are looking for very high quality, damn near print. Additionally, we may also need to hire an animator to layout a few shots, but I won't know until we see how our workload pans out. So for now, I just need the model. I have attached a sample image that shows the level we are looking for.

Please contact me directly via email as I don't get much time to visit the forum.

Thank you,

Patrick Kelly
[email protected]