View Full Version : Would you like to see Substance Designer inside of LightWave?

05-17-2015, 02:44 PM
Sort of posting this on behalf of another LightWave user but as a Substance user, its something I would like to see. Last year sometime, LW3DG asked users if they would like to see Substance in LightWave (and of course people said they did) but that was the last we've heard about it. Recently someone asked the makers of Substance about a LightWave port and they said they had no plans at this time.

05-17-2015, 03:45 PM
IMHO this is quickly moving from something interesting, to an actual need the same way GoZ was...

05-17-2015, 04:18 PM
IMHO this is quickly moving from something interesting, to an actual need the same way GoZ was...


05-17-2015, 06:09 PM
IMHO this is quickly moving from something interesting, to an actual need the same way GoZ was...

I agree 100%. Hopefully LW3DG will recognize that integrated support for Substances is a "must-have" feature, sooner rather than later.

05-17-2015, 09:44 PM
No brainer. I've been begging for lw integration for a while.




Where is lightwave? Marmoset, Fuse, Iclone beat lw?8~

Sample video.


05-17-2015, 10:28 PM
I do like turtles too

How did you make a voting app in lw user group page?

i've been saying how lightwave could extend it's usefulness by really providing the next level of integration with other programs.

like blender!

ok - MODO has this?
time to look at modo

05-18-2015, 04:42 AM
ok - MODO has this?
time to look at modo

modo and Cinema4D both have Substance integration now, and C4D + Pixelberg (http://frostsoft.blogspot.com/2014/12/pixelberg-beta.html) plugin can yield realtime results nigh-identical to Substance Player/Designer view. There's speculation modo will introduce similar realtime PBR support in 901 as well, guess we'll all find out at the Thu modo 901 live event (I'm attending in person this time around).

05-18-2015, 10:26 AM
Oops just realized I made a typo on the poll. Im sure you all knew what I meant.

05-18-2015, 11:12 PM
+1, it is a must have feature.

05-26-2015, 03:37 PM
I too would like to see Substance integration into LW. Live and dynamical textures see like a natural for LW 2016. Further, seeing what Substances can do makes me think of other applications beyond texturing, the possibilities are endless. Using the concept of particle brushes, the bullet engine could be vastly improved for more realistic collision breakups for example. In fact, perhaps texturing could be part of the dynamics engine for things like fault lines. I wonder if particles could be used to cause actual object deformation, like wind or water erosion... I could see assigning a hardness value to a texture so that erosion can be faster for some things than other things or perhaps things can be consumed by fire at different rates. All it takes is a little imagination and what better place for that than here?