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05-16-2015, 02:20 PM
I recently bought the Advanced Placement 1.0 plugin for my Lightwave 2015.2.
Installed ok and works fine.
Quickly checked out the manual and video tutorials and tried out some of the features.
Had no problems with "Transform" "Paint" "spray" Easy to use and apply.
There are a few other features ive not tried out yet.
But [there,s alway a but somewere isn,t there!] I did have a few issues with the emmiter feature.
Emailed Hurleyworks and he replied with an answer/resolution to the problems i was having.
Ive simply copied and pasted the question and answer from my email so if others are having the
same issues then you will understand how to deal with them.

Email text...............
Question 1.
Regarding the "Align to path"
Ive now seen the tutorial video were i can see how to setup an object to accelerate away in the Z direction.
I then placed one of my aircraft objects in a layout scene and set it up as the tutorial shows.
The aircraft moved forward and accelerated away ok.
What i do not understand is how do you set things up so that when you press the start button multiple instances
of the plane appear one after another.

Answer 1
The tutorial video use the Emit type Mouse option. So all you have to do is press the LMB down to emit a new aircraft. If you hold down
the LMB and drag you will emit as many aircraft instances as you want until you release the LMB.. "Align to path" stops working once the
emitted instances collides with another object so it's best to increase the Delay option emit so that the airplanes don't collide immediately after you emit them.
Question 2. Emitter.
Can you set the ammount of objects that are emmited from an object?

Answer 2
In "Item" type, the number of objects emitted is equal to the number of vertices in the emitter mesh. Also if you use a mesh-less item like Camera, Light or Null
you can control the number of objects emitted with the Count widget. When type is "Mouse", objects are continually emitted until you release the LMB.

End email text...............

Hope what ive provided helps a few of you.
Will, if i can, post any other questions and answers i have as and when.
Regards. KEN.