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05-15-2015, 12:37 AM
Remember the days when this forum had thumbnails, how lively and image based it was as a place to come to? The fact that there are no thumbnails heading work in progress or finished art sections is I think a significant factor in the way our user base relates to the forum now. We seem to see far more threads that are just pro-con based discussions and less and less show-casing of work. I actually think that the work that does get posted doesn't even get the same amount of views they used to get when thumbnails were in place. But my post is not about thumbnails actually. I'm suggesting that if the long term plan was for the Lightwave forum to be re-planted onto the Lightwave website (as has been stated by Matt and others), then that time is now due.

How that might work is what we can talk about. For example, perhaps this forum could remain in place for a period during and after the change-over, so that information is not lost forever. But I'm also proposing another idea. Should the new forums be completely new, with no back-log of posts from here and the past? Could the discussions found here be "vaulted", placed somewhere else for the purpose of history and knowledge, search-able but other-wise dead? The new forum would be a fresh start, we could still link to the vault for expediency.

Or should it be a total swap of everything from this forum onto the new location, with the addition of things such as thumbnails and other innovations that a dedicated Lightwave forum could provide? Presently it's a mixed message for new users who have to sift through Tricaster sections and so on, with perception being so important.

In any case, a forum on the Lightwave site, would just make more sense in terms of marketing of Lightwave, and pictures need to be a part of that.

05-15-2015, 05:58 AM
This been discussed since at least 2010, I can totally see this happening now:D

05-26-2015, 04:22 AM
I think lightwave would benefit with this move. But the red tape with Newtek is too much.

They only seem to update fb and this https://www.lightwave3d.com/news/ which I rarely go to.

If the forum was at https://www.lightwave3d.com I probably would not have missed this kind of lightwave related info https://www.lightwave3d.com/news/article/tokyo-ghoul/.

Didn't know Tokyo Ghoul and another anime Garo honoo no kokuin were created in lightwave.