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Shawn Farrell
05-14-2015, 03:35 AM
LightWave, SpeedEDIT & TriCaster Users will love this! :lwicon::vticon::tcicon:



The Best Value in Royalty-Free Production Music is www.soundtraxxmusic.com

One major advantage of The SoundTraxx Music Library is that it's music tracks will not be blocked on social networks such as YouTube and facebook.

Fist 100 tracks are free and a $35.00 lifetime subscription is available.

The SoundTraxx Music Library protects your studio and clients from violationg copyright music laws. It's just great music you can use in any way you choose!

For more info email [email protected] or call 651 248-4600 anytime.

Thank You,
Shawn Lee Farrell
Producer - SoundTraxx Music