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05-05-2015, 07:39 AM

I am studying lightwave so I can later make my own comic animated cartoons.
I would like to learn how to write stories. Any tips ?

05-05-2015, 07:42 AM
Best stories write life. Need to find one.

05-05-2015, 08:06 AM
Pretty good book for getting yourself organized and keeping your plots interesting.


05-05-2015, 09:22 AM
George Lucas devoured One Book completly,

and after this repast,,, he burped out ' Star Wars'

'The Hero has a Thousand Faces' by J.Needham, Princeton Uni Press

It was & still is very powerful in writing circles.

An apperitif .? 'The Golden Bough' by Sir.R.Frazser , Penguin Classics

For afters.... 'The White Goddess' by Robert Graves, Faber & Faber

Anything by William Goldman on scripting,

The Iliad , Beowulf (Heany translation), Brothers Grim.

Rember to Edit Then reedit be savage with your story,

Boil down,then boil it down again to get to essence.

'Remeber to Kill Your Darlings' a quote from W.G. good luck

05-05-2015, 08:15 PM
First try to narrow things down to what type of story you like, sci-fi, mystery etc. What writers do you like? Even then, different writers can have several voices in the way they tell a specific story.

A writing class I went to started off with a bunch of index cards.
First - always have some of them with you.
Throughout the day / week anything that catches you eye or ear, write it down. It can be anything at all. The way a little girl cried when a ballon popped. The way an old man glanced at a young lady. A line or two of dialog. It is those little observations that might be of use later. Bits of this and a few words from there and suddenly a character emerges.

One of the excersises went through every day was to pick out words at random. Anything. Just stick your finger into a magazine or book and point at a word. Now using that word as your starting point, write for 5 min. It can be a fun game. Butterchurn. What the **** can I...? "The handle from the butterchurn still dripped red as I stood over..."
Pick out 5 words a day and do this. Play TV roulette. Pick out a character - now put them in a completely different show. I know... far too easy, but Hanibal Lecter as host of the daily TV show The Chew.

Know ahead of time if there is going to be something set in stone. I had a shot at doing a low budget flim. All "We're already late." They had the backers... BUT... the story needed to be set in Hong Kong. Needed to have a helicopter used, a speed boat used and there was a large warehouse. All because the $ guys wanted to show off their... and they all Needed to be there.

In your case it will be more of a what can you animate - and what can you not animate. Me, I wet myself at the thought of trying to do water. So I wouldn't want to do a story staring Aquaman if I'm animating it.

If you have questions or... feel free to PM :)

05-05-2015, 08:23 PM
'Remeber to Kill Your Darlings' a quote from W.G. good luck

Words George R.R. Martin and Joss Whedon live by.