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05-01-2015, 05:34 AM
The latest years I have found out that Lightwave's forum is a very pleasant place to be. So many nice people that are willing to share and help each others inspire me. But to be honest I never forgot about the bullying kind of harsh 3D-Gurus that infected the Lightwave forums at mIRC in the 90's. Un-social and un-friendly with a hubris larger than Napoleon Bonaparte's. I must have put my head in the political correct guillotine too many times to be countable about issues in Lightwave's interface that are unnecessary complicated.

This thing makes me go nuts and I just have to ask if the responsible team leaders for the development of the Lightwave interface are shaped in the old Newtek spirit? Its 2015 and in many parts of Lightwave work flow still adapt to the old technical aspect of a work flow. How come they refuse making the interface more user friendly than in the past! How come that such a simple thing like adding a button to the flocking generator with the function "Replace with object" isn't there?

I do not use Lightwave daily and forgot about functions that are hidden in options and sub menus! I feel stupid every time I have to ask, like now :)

How in Gods name can I replace the Flocking Parts with my own objects with a single click?

Haven't seen any of the now existing tutorials that explains this in an easy way!


05-01-2015, 07:58 AM
How in Gods name can I replace the Flocking Parts with my own objects with a single click?

This would've been a better title for your post. I hope someone get's back to you with the answer.

05-01-2015, 08:29 AM
When you say Flocking Parts? Do you mean the instances?

If you go to the Instancer panel, you can select the objects in there and then replace with another object (if it's loaded in your scene) or you could select the object being instanced, and then replace that with another from your hard drive.

Flocking items are literally just a point in space, you need to add instanced objects to those points, or make them Hypervoxels, or something like that.

Hope this helps? :)

05-01-2015, 08:57 AM
You change the instance generator type to "Particles"

watch from about 9mins -

05-01-2015, 12:06 PM
This would've been a better title for your post. I hope someone get's back to you with the answer.

Yeah, I understand about the title, but I feel this guy's pain about the old days. I still remember when the Modo developers were driven off the LW mailing lists and support forums by constant snark and attacks from "loyal" LW users. I hope we've put those days behind us.

05-02-2015, 01:21 AM
Thanks for trying to helping me in one or another way! You are all very kind and I must say that its a release that the old days agenda of bullying and creating an upper class of patronizing people doesn't seem to be the standard in a Lightwave forum anymore. I have been a supporter of Lightwave since I first used it in 1996 and are pretty much comfortable with it in most ways since I can create and deliver customer related projects pretty fast. But to be honest, I would never sack down opinions from other users that have critics or solutions that can change this software to the better.

Cody Burke's Flocking Fruit was so nice to look at, such an inspiring project. Unfortunally there are still gaps and holes in the tutor just like in many others that makes it hard to get down to business. I do not point this tutorial out in special since it is very detailed but it seems like many of the makers of inspiring tutorials use them self as references for a knowledge that sometimes hasn't been born yet. Maybe this problem gets back to the fact that Lightwave has not a simple user interface in the front, itīs still a lot of digits to that craves that you are more of or less a technical interested person than a simple story teller for usage. I will add an image just to let you know how bad this is on the behalf of my own particle skills :D

About the title, I agree that it could have been written in another way but my frustration over sitting here in the middle of the night and still wonder why Newtek adapts so slow to a modern world wher time is so brutally connected to money. Meaning that time isn't on your side in a project and makes it even worse if you have to use walk around principles when a user friendly solution would be so much better for a prospective flock of new users. Saying this because I guess Lightwaves only way to stand strong against the monopoly of Autodesk is to at least let new users jump start as fast as possible instead of searching and lurking around in layers of mathematical digits and settings.

My dream would be to see a user interface in Lightwave that has as its first option to let the user meet a bunch of presets that directly could start up scenes without having deep knowledge of every part in the software. The secondary part with numbers, settings and deeper levels of five adjusting and create your own scenery shall not be the primary choice but of course have an option to turn the presets off for high level users.

So back to my problem with the Flocking interface. I have created some scenes with it but were more familiar with the old particle interface and I actually forget how this new system works since I don't use it often enough. I do not understand the difference between the Flock Master or the Instance Generator or if they always have to be connected.

My goal was to create a scene of soap bubbles that follows a wind track where dandelions that I've already created in After Effects are the background matrix for the bubbles moves. But since I don't even manage to duplicate a single soap bubble or manage to replace the points in space in the Flock generator I feel tracked down into a flock of nothing at all.

05-02-2015, 02:21 AM
Okay... I think I see the confusion.

It's hard to explain really, but the Flocking system is similar to the particle system, as it's a self contained system that doesn't do any rendering of object. It's just points, and then once these points are generated, you can render them using something like Hypervoxels, or go attaching objects to each point using the Instance Generators. (The instance generator can be attached to many different items in a scene, on selected meshes, or surfaces, on their points, or even particles) For your method, you'd need to set the generation of the instances to Particles. You've got it set on the rotation bit of the Instances, but under the "Generate" tab there is a drop down near the top where you need to select Particles.

Also... I nearly forgot. The instance generator needs to be added to the Flocking system to be able to see the points/particles.

05-03-2015, 04:02 PM
This is the moment in Cody's tutorial where points are changed to particles, via the drop down menu.

It's 9:10 on the timeline, at 9:11 the fruit instances are set at the points.

05-03-2015, 07:02 PM
Ah, thank you all in here that tried to help! At last I figured it out and as the story with the "egg of Columbus" everything is quite easy when you know how to do it!

But I still believe that Lightwave would earn some credits in 3D heaven if had more presets added into the software, presets that makes it possible to reach a point at once with options that can be calibrated and adjusted into infinity in next level of the process. Maybe some of you feels that its inappropriate to compare but if I take DAZ character animation as an example compared to Lightwave's plugin Genoma 2 its obvious that Genoma 2 and Lightwave craves that you must start with the process of calibrating and adjusting before you even see a character take a simple step on the ground. Of course this is two different systems that starts in two different ends of a chain but to be honest it is so much easier to reach a goal in CA with tens and thousands of mocap presets that can be fine adjusted secondary than to start up with the technical side of a problem.

But hey now, that's my opinion and after 18 years as a Lightwaver I have heard too many wishes of a better CA module in Lightwave from users during the years than seeing it end up with another technically inspired user interface! Personally I at last found my way to make my characters come alive in Lightwave where the options for light rigs and rendering are so much better with help from DAZ and its splendid iexport functions to Lightwave.


05-03-2015, 09:10 PM

soap bubble - http://3dxyz.pro/browser/

soap foam - http://iaian7.com/lightwave/SoapFoamSurfacing