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05-01-2015, 02:41 AM
Hey Guys,

I'm having trouble with designing a ring or toroid at the top of this "shot glass". The toroid function is a pain in the @$$. I know there is a "revolve base" function in Solidworks. But obviously I'm using Lightwave. Is there a similar tool that can be used in lightwave? Or a "work-around" which can be used? Perhaps using the "rounder tool"?

I want to create this on top of the model:

Here's the LWO file if someone wants to take a look.

Many thanks!
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05-01-2015, 03:00 AM
copy 2 points from the top of yor present model which will serve as the bottom of your circular profile, build this profile as seen above and use the Lathe tool. Multiply menu ( +L )

05-01-2015, 03:13 AM
Thank you for your reply Bazsa73,

It seems this makes more sense to you than it does to me, unfortunately. Points don't seem to work with Lathe. However, I do see what you're getting at when selecting the tool and playing around with it. Could you perhaps be a little more specific?

Thank you for your patience.

05-01-2015, 03:19 AM
Take your existing glass. Move it to the origin, (F2, F3, makes Lathe simpler). Now destroy your old glass. :)

What you need is a series of points, in one axis, that you can make into one single poly that has the cross section of half your glass. Delete everything else. Modify the top to get the bead. Use Lathe tool. Done! :D

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05-01-2015, 05:09 AM
OK, I see. Use the lathe tool with 96 sides @ 0, 0, 0 ... as bazsa suggested.



05-01-2015, 06:12 AM
Wings 3D Circularize: http://screencast.com/t/i1FoHxSBJ

Apparetly Modo will have something like this now... -_-'

05-01-2015, 07:36 AM
Thank you all for your replies. And Meshpig, thank you for those two edited files. Unfortunately, the inside of the circular parts are hollow which isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but thanks anyway!

And thank you, probiner, for showing the video with Wings 3D. I'll check it out!

05-01-2015, 10:00 AM
While the lathe tool is probably the way to go in this perfectly round situation, here are a couple other options.

1) JettoBevel (https://www.lightwave3d.com/assets/plugins/entry/jettobevel/): With this spline in the background 128067 I used the "Profile" button on the top ring 128068. Done. (small caveat: JB doesn't merge the points on top. Had to hit merge and delete the resulting two-point poly loop. (I guess I could have just used a background curve that put a flat section on the top to save all of 10 seconds ;).)
This is a good tool to know regardless as you can have just about any profile you want :thumbsup:.

2) Multishift: With a circle in the background as a guide I made a profile on just one poly 128069. Saved it.
Then selected the whole top ring of polys and hit apply saved profile 128070. :)
(Added that top green edge loop for good measure. Not necessary if I was paying a little more attention to the top of the saved profile.)

.... and both techniques will work in situations outside of a non-perfect "latheable" shape.