View Full Version : Painlfully slow expand selection - nMP

04-29-2015, 07:25 AM

Expanding a selection on relatively low poly objects (200 to 5000) is so slow I can see each poly being redrawn in yellow one after the other .

A 200 poly selection takes around 20 seconds to complete its expand selection. Selecting polys by lasso mode is instant.

I've been in touch with NT support who asked me to disable AA in the graphics drivers. Unfortunately it didn't help. Other advice was to change from buffered to streamed GL - it seems pretty much the same slow speed.

I`m running a trashcan 12 core nMP - dual AMD D700 cards. The highest spec trashcan. Lightwave 2015.

All other functions are zippy. Model GL is smooth - it seems like the computation to expand a selection is slow or drawing the highlighted polys is slow.

Anyone have any advise or seen this?