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04-22-2015, 06:29 PM
One of my client produces local soccer matches... His system consists of 4 Cam, SDI Switcher and 3Play 440.
Now he wanted to add a "cheap" CG... for clocks score etc...
There are several decent "Airsend" based CG out there... typically cheaper then their SDI counterpart...

So we found a workaround using the 3Play as the CG "Keyer"

so the setup is like this:
Cam 1 - 4 [DA] out 1 > Switcher inputs
[DA] out 2 > 3Play input 1-3

We need to sacrifice one input, so you can only replay from cam 1-3

Switcher output > Input 4 of 3Play

3Play output A > Switcher input 5 (for replay/slo-mo)
3Play output B > On air (always in LIVE mode looking at Input 4 [from switcher])

this way you can insert the CG via 3Play... some sacrifice, but doable... this was acceptable to my client...

Just thought I share it here...

Bill W
04-25-2015, 10:11 AM
If I understand your config, you could do this without switcher. Run 4 cams directly to 3Play and switch the live output by using Angle button in conjunction with numeric keys 1-4 on CS. Add CG as network input into DSK.

That said, I tried this a while ago when it first came out. My recollection is that although it was possible, it was very easy to accidentally knock jog-wheel and pause live output or start editing clips while on live output.

An X-keys unit with macros would make it simpler, but a better solution would be for Newtek to create a dedicated mode to support this use case. This mode would lock one channel to live output and would only respond to numeric keys for switching live cams (without need to hold down Angles button). Working with clips/playlists on this channel would be disabled as would responding to jog-wheel. Other channel would handle replay.

Even better would be a different CS built solely for this application. A single 3Play would then be sufficient for many entry-level sports productions where encoding, audio and PGM record are handled externally.

05-07-2015, 03:55 AM
Absolutely agree with you Bill... but now... the TC Advance Edition actually can do "some" replay / slo mo... hehe :) for some simple replay / slo-mo that would do it all... you will miss some of nice thing 3Play can do though :)

For Sport application I would probably like your idea better... give 3Play a better switching capability.... and keep the other cool features...