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04-18-2015, 08:13 AM
Hi guys!

I am in a loose initiation process of doing some research on how Lightwave is...and can be used for creating assets/content & design , aimed for smartphones apps and tablets.

I am interested to hear if you guys are using it, and in what way..pipeline etc.
Also interested to find out more about what other tools to use.

On my part it is just a vague discussion with some others and perhaps my role as the creator of digital & 3d content, and I want to research if it is worth to take it further.

Thanks in advance for whatever you can share.


Areyos Alektor
04-19-2015, 03:14 PM
Tablet or SmartPhone doesn't change much compared to the PC/Mac. It's more things like the "DrawCall" and development used tools that count.

It's to sell bundles (viewing the Unity Store) or subcontracting ? For me, without being exhaustive, I use "Visual Studio" and "Unity". For graphics applications: LightWave / PhotoShop / 3DCoat / Genetica Pro / ShaderMap / GraphicsGale / Etc.... But you may need photos tools (LightRoom / RawTherapee / Luminance HDR / Photomatix Pro / Etc...) and video / post-production (Vegas Pro / Resolve / Fusion / MambaFX / After Effects / PFMatchit / Etc...). And not to mention a ton of plugins. The pipeline I would say that it depends on the project and its specifications.

04-19-2015, 05:16 PM
the most simple way to put it is that unless you are passing geometry to Unity or some other game engine with view to produce genuine 3D assets for a game every other option is 2D, anything that moves on an iPad or other branded tablet uses 2D assets, so yes you can use Lightwave as an authoring tool but you would be rendering out in 2D, cutting up the images and reanimating them in a 2D animation package, you could still do this in Unity's 2D mode animating your objects as sprites. Adobe Edge animation in conjunction with Indesign's e pub fixed layout format is robust but clunky but it does put out html so can be edited in any of the other web based Adobe product, and thats the other point you need to know, Android or iOS are web based OS's that run on html 5 and things like java script. Only other thing I know is possible is direct export of Collada format (it's either that or Alembic can't remember, I tried it once but can't locate the assets to check them out right now) I had some trouble with Lightwave in this respect and got better results in Modo, in any event all you can do is tumble the object with you finger and not a whole lot more.

04-20-2015, 02:22 AM
Thanks guys.

gerry_g...so it seems there isnīt much going on that provides real 3d interaction with assets, like if you have some simpler 3d blocks that can be moved and assembled to some
sort of construction.
So it is the smartphones capabilities that limits it?


04-20-2015, 02:50 AM
It's the games engine in the 3D game scenario that is providing the code for the 3D ability as in xyz translation, physics and collision detection, lighting etc that you normally see in Lightwave, yes you could do your blocks idea BUT you would be writing all the code yourself to make it work, the os only supports 3D prevue as per the standard HTML5 spec that you see in any modern web browser and the only interactivity supported is rotation and zoom AFAIK. Below is a link to block pushing game for smartphones and tablets if this is what you are after it was done in a games engine, either as true 3D or possibly as a bunch of key frames for the blocks that were tuned into animated sprites and authored in 2D as an isometric platform game, go download Unity (the free version) and look at the tutorials


04-20-2015, 04:18 AM
Or use the full version of Unreal Engine for free which is frequently updated. As above, but a basic knowledge of c++ (unreal engine) or c# (unity) is important if you want to make the best use of either of these game engines. Though unreals blueprint is very good if you want to avoid coding. I would download both and see which suits you best. Unreal Engine is my choice as suits what I'm doing with it.

04-22-2015, 05:14 AM
just found a free pool table playing game, pretty nice...and fully 3d interactive, would like to fin out more about that one...available on google play apps.