View Full Version : Why wonīt particle speed gradient work when particles are driven by procedural textur

04-14-2015, 04:15 PM
hi guys..maybe I should wait with this question ..have to be too short here since I am hitting the sack.

from time to time I do my particle fiddling, I wonder why the hypervoxels particle speed gradient isnīt recognized when you drive the particle motion only with procedural textures, at least I have never got it to work.
I can get it to work if I make an emitter explode out with a procedural texture in the explode channel, then I can get some nice color speed variations if I use hv sprites and a use a particle age or speed gradient in the color channel, but not if I do it with this type of simulation...

The colors seen in this clip is only made by distance to object and some procedural textures for variations, the particle sim would be so much nicer if it actually could get particle speed data for particle speed gradient to use in the color channel, same goes for luminosity, one could get a nice luminosity appliance if it could recognize that speed data, but it only seems to work with true explosion force or velocity speed numeric values.


04-14-2015, 04:26 PM
Uhhmmm...seem to have solved it, I often use generate frame, changing to generate by seconds is working. :)
either it is a bug..or it is the way it should be?